Groomed Fat Bike Trails?!

Groomed Fat Bike Trails? Pardon my Drooling…

Snow, snow everywhere, and not a trail to ride! We’ve been blessed with abundant snowfall so far this year, and with snow, comes fat biking. Fat bikes have exploded in popularity, with many residents and visitors alike hitting the trails all winter long.

Historically, we have relied on the generosity (or insanity?) of local die-hards who bust their humps dragging tires and any number of homemade contraptions to keep the trails in tip-top shape all winter.

As stewards of our local trails, we recognize that fat bikes need love too, and we have searched for a solution that will provide an exceptional riding experience.

The SnowDog.

The SnowDog is a compact, tracked machine which can set a 20″ groomed path anywhere. It is light enough to easily transport and maneuver, but heavy enough to set a nice, firmly packed corduroy surface which is exceptional for fat biking.  The SnowDog will be able to set and maintain groomed fat bike trails throughout our existing trail networks in a fraction of the time, and with a fraction of the effort currently required to manually set track, and through tighter trees than a snowmobile can operate.

The CVCS has engaged a vendor in Calgary who is able to supply the club a SnowDog and its required attachments for approximately $5500.  Seeing as this is a major investment for the club, the Board of Directors found it prudent to engage the membership to gauge support, and assist in fundraising.

We feel the best way to accomplish this is through a crowdfunding campaign.
Click below to learn more, and help make our FAT dreams a reality!

The SnowDog in Action.  Video by the Kootenay Columbia Trails Society (Rossland)

Contribute to the CVCS SnowDog

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