Dedicated to growing the sport of cycling for the health and wealth of our community through a diverse and sustainable trail network.
Dedicated to growing the sport of cycling for the health and wealth of our community through a diverse and sustainable trail network.

Columbia Valley Cycling Society

Growing the sport of cycling for the health and wealth of our community through a diverse and sustainable trail network.


Support trail maintenance and access in the Columbia Valley, and receive discounts at several local stores!

Trail conditions

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About the CVCS

Since inception in 2006, the non-profit CVCS has developed the contacts, formed the relationships, signed the contracts, and got work done on the ground.
Advocating for trail access is a time consuming process, but one that we’re committed to.

As a member club of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), we build our trails to meet or exceed their sustainability and ride-quality guidelines. Building trails to this high standard requires a significant amount of work, and depends heavily on volunteer labour from people like you.

We also actively seek grants, donations, and other funding opportunities to pay for professional trail maintenance and construction.

Club administration is done entirely by passionate volunteers, and all funding raised goes directly into local trails and the local economy.

Our board and membership base is comprised of passionate people who are professionals or experts in, but not limited to: trail design and building; GIS map making; communications; chartered accounting; professional engineering; project supervision; event planning; grant writing; and business administration.

Our Trails

The CVCS supports legitimate non-motorized trail development on public and private land.

The Columbia Valley is gifted with a wide variety of terrain, from flowy singletrack, to steep rocky downhills and technical punchy climbs. Riders of every discipline and ability will find something they truly love to ride here. E-bikes are allowed on the sanctioned bike trails.

The trail networks we currently manage (Lake Lillian Trail Network and the Mt. Swansea Trail Network) are all on B.C. Crown land, which necessitates a close working relationship with the land manager — the B.C. Government.
On top of our current recreation areas which we manage, the CVCS is constantly working towards developing new trails in new areas, and sanctioning existing trails.

While the CVCS does hire professional trail builders from time to time, Public Trail Days are what accomplish the bulk of the heavy lifting on our trails. All volunteers are welcome on these days - you provide the effort and we provide work plans, experienced trail maintainers to organize people, tools, food, and a little fun. These days are hard work but people go away knowing that they've done a good thing for the trails. This is how many aspiring trail maintainers get their start! Trail days are posted on all our social media, so be sure to follow us!

Future Development

The CVCS is constantly looking at expanding riding opportunities within the Upper Columbia Valley, bringing world class trails to our residents and visitors. Developing new riding areas takes a significant amount of time, planning and consultation, and usually spans several years from conception to development. One of the most important aspects of trail development is public consultation, and we invite comments, concerns and letters of support from the public.


Memberships form the backbone of the CVCS. Our established member base gives us serious credibility when advocating for trail access throughout the Columbia Valley, and allows us to keep a pulse on the needs and desires of our riding community.

As a member, you are part of our family - and we love our family! You will receive information on group rides, trail days, club events, and receive valuable discounts at many local merchants. The CVCS is a 100% non-profit organization, so your membership dues go directly into the maintenance and development of the trails you ride and love!

For 2022 we have partnered with CCN to administer our membership program. This makes it quicker and easier than ever to become a CVCS Member, or renew your CVCS Membership. Click here to start the process!


We are proud of the support we receive from the community and local businesses! The amount of time and resources that go into building and maintaining an exceptional trail system is hard to quantify, but it would be impossible to accomplish without our supporters!

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