Website & Logo Update

Out with the old, in with the new…  The Columbia Valley riding scene is in the middle of some exciting developments, so what better way to piggy-back on that momentum than to completely revamp our website and logo?!

Firstly, our web presence of “days of old” was tough to manage and time consuming, thus had some great information, but also some seriously outdated info as well.  We’ve updated to a newer design and platform that will allow easier updates, and a richer experience for our members and visitors.  Expect many more blog posts, photos, videos, and events to be added.  Most importantly, we have streamlined the membership process so that you can now sign up and pay for your memberships from the comfort of your hammock!

During the development process, we came to the realization that slapping an old logo on top of a new site just wouldn’t do.  So, we had a very talented (and bike addicted) artist whip us up something fresh, new, and distinctly “us”.




Expect to see the new logo on many more things to come!

Finally, you may have seen we have been much more active on our Facebook Page, but what else?  First and foremost – we have put some serious time and effort into adding excellent content to Trailforks, which will serve as our “Trail Map” going forward.  Simply put, Trailforks is a user-driven database of trails worldwide.  Riders are able to add, and update new/existing trails using GPS tracks, add ride reports, reviews, photos and much, much more.  

Lillian Lake on

We are also in control of the content for the region, which means that closed trails, or trails with ongoing landowner issues will be hidden.  This means that both sanctioned and unsanctioned trails will be listed.  Keep in mind – the CVCS is responsible for maintenance and development on sanctioned trails only, so ride with care and respect if you choose to ride unsanctioned trails (or any trail, for that matter!).  Best of all, these trails can be downloaded to your phone using the Trailforks APP, which can aid with route planning and wayfinding, even when you are out of cell coverage.

So, feel free to take a poke around and please share any feedback you may have with the development team!

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