Trail Day – August 13

Mark your calendars! Our next trail day is Saturday August 13th, at the Lake Lillian trail network!  We have a laundry list of items we would like to tackle, from some easy trail buffing to heavier shovel work.  Rest assured we have a little something for everyone to help out with!

What you should bring:

  • proper clothing & sturdy footwear
  • water/snacks
  • your bike! (you’d better believe you’ll be riding what you worked on!)
  • an awesome attitude

We will have the Greenways trailer on site which is full of many of the required tools.  However; if you have a shovel or rake that you have a deep, personal bond with, feel free to bring it along!  Work will commence around 9am, and run until 1pm.  Of course, BBQs will be on site to provide some tasty eats after the work is done!

Getting a little dirty never hurt anyone.
Getting a little dirty never hurt anyone.

Volunteer trail days go a long way in ensuring our trails stay in great shape, and fun for everyone. We have around 40km of trail in the Johnson/Kloosifier network alone, which translates into a lot of ground to cover.

There are always the tireless few who work in the background, punching in new trails and tackling upgrades for little more than a high-five, and the reward of being able to put their tires on some fresh dirt at the end of the day.  You’ll often see their ribbons of roughed in trails or flagging throughout the forest, and while you may not always see these mythical creatures, you’ll surely smell their pungent aroma.

Builders are the unsung heroes of our trails, and many got their start on trail days just like this, so come on out and join the ranks of the awesome people who are working hard to make the riding here better every day!

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