Dedicated to growing the sport of cycling for the health and wealth of our community through a diverse and sustainable trail network.
Dedicated to growing the sport of cycling for the health and wealth of our community through a diverse and sustainable trail network.

Thank you!

We could write thank you 1000 times, and it still wouldn’t come close to expressing our gratitude to the over 170 people who took time out of their busy schedules to attend our public open house, and learn more about the proposed Barbour Rock Recreational Trails.  A huge shout out goes to the Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance, Recreation Sites and Trails BC, Summit Trail Makers, Crazy Soles, WSP, and all the passionate volunteers who dedicated a huge amount of personal time to preparing and participating in the open house.

We had the opportunity to share our passion, and have great conversations with an extremely wide demographic of people. Bikers, hikers, climbers, runners, local government, business owners, professionals, and concerned residents all came out with an open mind, great questions, and terrific feedback.

An especially big thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out a comment form – this written feedback is extremely valuable, as it will be provided to RSTBC and used to further refine the proposal to ensure that the concerns and best wishes of everyone are taken into consideration.

What are the next steps? Comments will be organized and submitted to RSTBC, who will be supplying a list of recommended amendments to the proposal, which will then be presented to the RDEK, and resubmitted to RSTBC. Expect more back-and-forth as suggestions are provided, plans modified, reviewed, etc. Finally, once everyone is satisfied that the proposal is in its “final form”, it will be sent for adjudication, and a final decision made by the BC Government. Stay tuned as we plan to keep you well informed throughout this whole process.

Beyond the Barbour Rock Recreational Trails, we feel that we have learned a lot throughout this whole public consultation process. We live in a unique valley, with unique concerns, and as such, a unique approach must be taken to consulting with the public, and stakeholders. Every resident in the valley is deeply passionate about the preservation of public spaces, and we are no exception to that. We hope that the transparency of the open house showed our commitment to respecting and preserving crown land for all user groups, and will become a standard event for future trail development proposals not just from the CVCS, but other user groups in the valley. It is abundantly clear from feedback that balanced, well-planned proposals that work in tandem with multiple user groups are the only way forward in the future.

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