Dedicated to growing the sport of cycling for the health and wealth of our community through a diverse and sustainable trail network.
Dedicated to growing the sport of cycling for the health and wealth of our community through a diverse and sustainable trail network.

Barbour Rock – Open Call for Letters of Support

During this year’s AGM, we unveiled our development plan for a new trail system at Barbour Rock to the excitement of all in attendance.  Over the months we have completed the development plan, and submitted it to Front Counter BC, where it is currently going through a referral process.

The trails at Barbour Rock promise to unlock some very unique and exciting terrain for all skill levels of bikers, as well as serve as a gateway to fantastic hiking and rock climbing opportunities in the summer, and nordic skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking in the winter.  The CVCS has put significant time and effort into ensuring that the trail network caters to the needs of many user groups in the valley, and brings Invermere one step closer to becoming a true “trail town” – expanding recreational opportunities for residents, and unleashing the tourism potential of our stunning geography.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to review the Barbour Rock Development Plan, feel free to review it here.


Recently, there have been a few letters forwarded to Recreational Sites and Trails BC and the local papers, expressing concerns about the proposed trail network from residents of the Toby Benches.  We strongly believe that soliciting valuable feedback – both positive and negative – is one of the most important parts of the development process.

We believe that the majority of the community strongly supports this project, as it promises to benefit many diverse user groups in the valley, and holds spinoff benefits for many local business owners.  To many, the benefits of a larger sanctioned trail network may seem obvious, and support for Barbour Rock is held as a given.  We believe that this forms the silent majority who thinks: “why on earth would anyone be opposed?”.

Unfortunately, a very vocal minority threatens to block trail development on the Toby Benches.  While we absolutely appreciate their concerns, we find that many opinions stated lack credible evidence, and are rooted in perhaps a lack of understanding of why recreational areas like Barbour Rock are so important to so many people.


Simply put, we cannot stand idly by while the vocal few actively campaign against such an important project.  One of the main reasons the CVCS was created, was to advocate for the development of legally sanctioned trail networks for the use and enjoyment of all residents and visitors.  We are asking for the “silent majority” to cease being silent.  Stand up and voice your support for Barbour Rock, and other future trail development in the valley.


To show your support, please visit our petition.  You can also submit a letter of support by simply commenting below, or by emailing us at [email protected].  All responses will be presented to Recreational Sites and Trails BC, and local council.

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