Mark your calendars! Our next trail day is Saturday August 13th, at the Lake Lillian trail network!  We have a laundry list of items we would like to tackle, from some easy trail buffing to heavier shovel work.  Rest assured we have a little something for everyone to help out […]

Trail Day – August 13

Out with the old, in with the new…  The Columbia Valley riding scene is in the middle of some exciting developments, so what better way to piggy-back on that momentum than to completely revamp our website and logo?! Firstly, our web presence of “days of old” was tough to manage […]

Website & Logo Update

Howdy!  We might have to get re-acquainted… we’ve had a facelift, nip and tuck, and a few “experimental” procedures that are only legal in Mexico! We hope you like our new look – we’ve put a lot of work into refreshing our image, and making communication with our members and […]

New… Everything?