Barbour Rock

While the CVCS is responsible for development and maintenance in the Lake Lillian and Mt. Swansea recreation areas, we are also constantly looking at new areas which can be developed.  During the last AGM, we announced our plans to pursue approval for the Barbour Rock Recreational Trails – an exciting, multi-use area which features excellent riding, hiking and climbing potential.

A lot of work goes in to planning and preparing a proposal for a new recreation area, and we are proud to present our proposal for development of the Barbour Rock Recreational Trails.


Barbour Rock Recreational Trails Proposal (PDF): Barbour Rock Trail System Plan.16.07.09 w VAST

Barbour Rock Recreational Trails Overview Map (PDF): Barbour_Trails_Current

Wildlife Assessment Report (PDF): Barbour Rock Trail Proposal – Wildlife Assessment Report – FINAL with Appendix – 020117

CVCS Barbour Rock Open House Documents (ZIP): CVCS_Barbour_Open_House_Docs

Barbour Rock Recreational Trails Plan (DOC) February 2017 Update: Barbour Rock Trail System Plan_2017-02-28_DRAFT